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The increase in demand and the price of gold in Asia

The increase in demand and the price of gold in Asia


It's no secret that the interest to the yellow metal in the Asian countries is huge. According to experts of the gold market, when there is an increase in the price of gold, experts observe a restraint in Asia, because investors are waiting for the moment when the gold value slows down. Conversely, when there is pressure on the price, the position of Asian investors in the global gold market strengthens.

Although the demand for physical gold from India and China shows a weakening for several months, the Swiss company MKS SA, engaged in the trade of gold, noted in its reports that there was a noticeable recovery in the Asian markets, the activity increased in the past few sessions.

The most noticeable increase in demand is in China, where the price of gold on discount on the Shanghai Gold Exchange rose by 3, 4 dollar per ounce in relation to prices in London.

In addition, in anticipation of the main Indian holiday, the festival of lights Diwali, which symbolizes the victory of good over evil, experts also expect the growth of purchases of the precious metal.

It is obvious that gold is not losing its position, supported not only by the difficult political situation of some countries, but also by the traditional foundations of Asian countries. Regardless of the price of gold, the main gift in some of the holidays is gold and gold jewelry. Fortunately, the customers of the Emgoldex online store from Asia or any other country in the world can buy investment gold bars in any suitable time with the most favourable terms.

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