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The demand for gold has risen to the heights of skyscrapers in Dubai!

The demand for gold has risen to the heights of skyscrapers in Dubai!

Due to the difficult geopolitical situation in the world and its risks, the popularity of gold again significantly increased in Dubai. This is particularly evident in the results of traded in the Dubai Gold & Commodity Exchange (DGCX). The press has revealed the results of July, which clearly show an increase in sales by 18% in comparison to June.

The volume of gold deals has reached a huge number of contracts, a little more than 992 thousand. Moreover, the transactions has amounted to billions of dollars, $ 29.95 billion. Such popularity is associated to the fact that the precious metal returns the status of a safe haven.

Experts of DGCX suggest, that the growth of the domestic demand will help the people of Dubai not only to keep their money in gold reserves, but also to increase income. You all know the fact that the yellow metal is only growing in its value, bringing its owners a significant increase in income.

Gold reserve is a luxury that is affordable easily to clients of Emgoldex. Using favorable terms of the online store, the company's customers have successfully invest their money in gold, in addition, such investments help them also to increase their own income.

Category: Gold news      Publication date: 2014-08-26 10:00

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