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Smuggling wins the competition for gold

Smuggling wins the competition for gold

Every new type of smuggling becomes more sophisticated than the previous one. This time again, India has surprised the public with its creative approach for transportation of the yellow metal into the country. Now their assistant in the matter is the sacred animal, cows.

The press informed that the government of India had tightened quotas on imports of gold into the country. But the harder measures, the more ingenious ways appear. This time, the limit of the government for transportation of the yellow metal pushed illegal dealers to use sacred animals in their machinations.

According to the media of this country of gold-lovers, people are very fond of gold and honor their ancestors and religious customs, gold is a part of the ancient history and culture, not just a luxury item and the way to save their money.

Every other day, the smugglers try to smuggle gold across the border illegally. Firstly, thus they are trying to meet all the growing demand of the population, and, secondly, that is naturally, the schemers want to increase their own income.

The simplest and the most well-known ways to smuggle the precious metal has long been known by local authorities. There are different ways for illegal transportation of the products by couriers. By land, air and sea. According to the World Gold Council, the annual volume of smuggled gold in the country reaches as much as 250 tons.

This time, border guards of India discovered a new way to hide smuggled gold. Where? Right in the animals!To be exact, it was hidden in cows, even in dead ones. Everyone knows that for the Indians, and especially for the Hindus, this animal is an object of worship. Even there is such a special term, as a sacred cow, because it is forbidden to touch it, but only worship. The smugglers wanted to take advantage of this religious tradition, hiding the gold in the cows.

When it comes to increase income, people are able to neglect their religious beliefs. Unfortunately, this is the bitter truth. The satisfaction of the demand of the population and the desire to increase income by selling gold, has proved to be stronger than traditions. This again points to the fact that India's government policy related to gold does not have intended effect.

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Category: Gold news      Publication date: 2014-08-21 10:00

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