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Deficit of gold in 2015 will lead to the price increase

Deficit of gold in 2015 will lead to the price increase

Analysts stated a lot of times in the media, that soon offers for gold will be in a huge deficit. According to one of the periodicals, Scrap Monster, the world market will experience a shortage in the supply of gold due to the high cost of this yellow metal and a weak inflow of money into the industry. The miners will conduct a minimum of geological exploration in the new fields, because there is a lack of funds for their implementation. The volumes of mining and production of gold will be also reduced, that will result to decrease for gold offers in the world precious metals market. Accordingly the demand and the price of gold will soar sharply!

Gold is not enough for all. Here there is such a disappointing forecast of experts. As it is known, a new government began to work in India. The new powers are going to abolish the tax on the import of gold, besides, soon the wedding season will begin in this country, when it is common for people to present gold, much gold. Of course, this situation will lead to an increase in the demand and the price of gold, which is expected by experts at the second half of the year.

According to the expert James Richards, every day in China increases the number of bankrupts, the Chinese are requesting the banking institutions to get their money back. The schedule of loans in the market of the country is ahead of the events. In case the Chinese do not want to deposit their money in banks, it will reduce to invest in real estate, as well as in other types of investments, it remains one type of investment, and it obviously is gold!

By the prediction of James Richards, national central banks are trying to perform manipulations in the precious metals market, but in a short time, namely in the fourth quarter of 2014, this bank interest will end because of the situation in China and India. It may happen that at some point, the price of gold will rise by $ 100, the next day it may already be by $ 200, then the X-day will come, when everyone will be talking about the collapse in the media, and the price of gold will increase by $ 1,000! The price of gold could be unreal.

Mr. Richards predicts that people will rush to exchange their earnings on really "precious gold metal", which will lead to excess of demand over supply to the maximum possible value. This will entail an increase in prices and the scarcity of the product. There is no need for the customers of the Emgoldex company to worry about the situation, because the company always provides its customers with the highest quality product at the best prices. Just visit the online store of Emgoldex and see for yourself.

Category: Gold news      Publication date: 2014-08-27 10:00

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